Screaming into the void

That’s all they seem to do

Frantic shouting to be heard

Seen even


The relentless need for attention

To be seen above the noise


If you want to see crazy

Peek into

the wacky world of Twitter

24 thoughts on “Screaming

  1. So it seems, I have a twitter account that I believe I haven’t used in God knows how much time. I even forgot the password so that tells you how it´s been quite a while to say the least. Although I should create another account to spread the word of the best book of the century…… great poetry without notoriety will never be…no rhymes are coming out now. Anyways, it is quite a crazy twitter world it seems. I´m not “in the loop” but what you people say, plus even the U.S president and basically all politicians now have their own twitter wars. That’s a light actually. And people seems they really get into it, it really affects them emotionally. I find it a waste of my time to tell you the truth. To promote a bad written poetry book like mine through twitter? Not happening, is going nowhere, but I did have fun writing it and being able to physically touch it. I believe that is how a parent feels when their child is born……
    Anyways, well written as always and straight to the point which I like.

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    1. Firstly I really like your poetry!

      I do have a twitter account to post poems but don’t look at my feed as it’s so crazy. It is just noise and more noise.

      Where can we buy your poetry book from as I’m keen to get a copy?


      1. Appreciate it very much, it´s here

        Maybe it´s a bit pricey,( I believe it´s 3$ or so the hard cover and kindle 2 or less $ since I´m converting it from Euros to $ on the spot I can´t give you an exact figure) but it´s a long story as to how I can´t get into that account for now and change certain things.
        I really appreciate it, you actually made my day. My pet project finally some people are reading it. Apart from my mother so very glad. Thank you.

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      2. That was quick I don’t know how you people do it so quickly, I´m a troglodyte with this internet social media thing. Appreciate it hope you enjoy it and please give me some feedback, good-bad, so I can improve.

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      3. Amazon is easy to buy from. I get most of my things from them!

        Many thanks for providing the link.

        I don’t think you need to improve. Your poetry is really punchy which I like. It’s completely different to mine (which I’m not even sure is poetry) and love your style


    1. See that is why I made an effort too – as a writer got to have these connections – but it’s all rubbish this follower thing – it’s easy enough to gain followers but none of it means anything – I saw one girl make a tremendous effort must have taken hours of time – she was at 9000 followers when twitter locked her account and she had to start again from zero. And out of her 9000 followers – maybe 30 valid connections. If you’re trying to sell books you’re in the crowded market – I’ll keep my account and check in now and then but it’s not worth more than 10 minutes a day. Instagram is a bit the same but I love the creativity and pretty pictures so..I don’t mind that for play time.

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      1. I have found a couple of more genuine connections that I appreciate but on the whole the analytics of social media are not geared towards human connectivity it’s geared towards selling – I don’t find that here on WordPress. I love the blogging community.

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      2. I completely agree on WordPress. You really feel you have a connection with others on here. It’s the most amazing platform and a hidden gem.

        People are missing out not using it. I’m lucky to have found it or maybe it’s that old trickster fate…..

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