False Gods

They are worshipped

as if they are gods

Their words are treated as

sermons of wisdom


They proclaim on climate


For they carbon offset

Their private jets don’t count


They moralise on poverty


they live in luxury and




the false gods of

our times

13 thoughts on “False Gods

  1. I’ve wondered for a long time why people worship the ideas of sports stars and other celebs. As if the ability to throw a ball or sing well gives them any special insight into other issues. But here we are. Look at how the internet has gone nuts over Dick Van Dyke’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders ~ who cares?

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    1. It seems to be getting worse. Whenever I see celebs interviewed they always seem to feel the need to give their view of the world’s ills. The interviewer treats them as if they have made some world first insightful comment…it’s bizarre beyond belief.

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  2. Well said, Stuart. I am amused by some celebrities discovering trains recently. I have done nearly all my travelling by train, and will continue to do so. I haven’t flown at all for fifteen years and I doubt that there is a single celebrity who can say that.

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    1. I completely agree. They are welcome to their fame and fortune but if they could just keep their views to themselves or not see themselves as thought leaders on society’s problems it would be appreciated by me at least! 😊

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