The Inquisitive Lama


The inquisitive lama

said to the farmer


The lama enquired

Is it much farther

because I’d rather

be dozing under a tree

dealing with my flea


Just a little while to go

replied the farmer

we’d be quicker don’t you know

if you didn’t meander so


Where are we going

quizzed the lama

Puffing and blowing

He hated being unknowing


To the fair

said the farmer

To get a new mare

I need a pair


Oh with what will you pay

the lama asked

I thought you had no coins today

Or have you sold your hay


You don’t need to worry about that

the farmer replied

I think it’s time to stop our chat

The farmer looked away and straightened his hat


Soon the fair was arrived at

The farmer looked at the lama

and gave him a last pat

Then, well that was that


The farmer left the fair

with a few coins to spare

and a new companion

with golden chestnut hair


The moral of our story is so

It’s best to know

where you will be headed tomorrow

and try to side step woe!

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