This is not a poem about Covid-19

Out there it just seems madness

With large spoons

of uncertainty and sadness


Watching the television news

with its Covid-19 constant coverage

just feeds the uncertainty and gives us the blues


This weird world where

the luxury that is toilet paper

cannot be obtained for love or money

Soon we will resort to newspaper


However there is something that is bright

Consideration for others and community spirit

is starting to come alight


From uncertainty and gloom

A seed of good can grow

With time

maybe it will bloom

34 thoughts on “This is not a poem about Covid-19

  1. Hi Stuart,

    “Consideration for others and community spirit

    is starting to come alight”

    That’s exactly one of the positive things I see potentially coming out of it, in a world war 2 kind of way.

    The mainstream news is a bad way to keep up with the pandemic, for sure! I dread to think what other even less reliable sources are saying! Everything out there is out to capitalise on the situation. I like to just quickly scan the news headlines a couple of times a day, and check the worldometers site a few times. It is possible to stay pretty insulated from it, a lot of it comes down to self-discipline with these things which is generally useful. I think all of this is just an exaggerated form of the effect we usually get from news sources etc.

    However, it is a satirist’s dream! πŸ˜†

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    1. I’m also trying to avoid watching too much news. It’s just repetitive and in some ways irresponsible as it’s scare mongering.

      All we can do is look after what is in our control and keep an eye out for others.

      I agree it’s a satirist’s dream! 😊

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  2. Good points Stuart. I can’t bear looking at the news. Would rather not at the eminent, but you have to. I hope it truly does bring out community spirit. It has not in our town yet.

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