The Desolate Wasteland

The desolate wasteland

draws closer

the iridescent lakes

far far away


Time to turn around

Retrace one’s steps


  1. blindzanygirl

    Is it possible to turn aroundand retrace one’s steps? The desolate wasteland conjures up all kinds of images and feelings, for me. Thankyou for this fantastic poem Stuart, though it leaves me feeling sad and wondering. Brilliant poem.

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      1. blindzanygirl

        Personally I am hoping it i s a new direction. I h eto ask an this be done induvidually, or can it only truly be done in a conbcected way? How much can we do individually? Interesting Stuart.

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      2. Stuart

        In my past I have always gone with the flow and done what pleases others. I finally worked out this was a mistake which caused me to lose myself. I think this is where we can do things individually? 😊


      3. blindzanygirl

        I can totally see what you mean there, and yes, that IS something that can be done individually. It really IS an interesting subject Stuart. But anyway, I vote for the lakes lol. I love lakes, having known the wasteland too! I’ll see you at the lakes 😀

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