I follow quite a few on WordPress who have challenges in life or with mental health.

All I really want to say in this post is that I find you all an inspiration.

Seeing what you say and how obstacles and challenges are overcome is humbling.

Blessed be to you.



  1. cctechm777

    This was very kind of you…….
    I have found so many who call themselves followers of Christ, are far less empathetic towards those who have had serious abused emotional and unnatural upbringings….they tend to judge by the cover… my case you could say most of my life was very similar to Bypolar sufferers. a crazy manic emotional and physical scared life. For me now, I am what I am all due to the Grace of God, and His healing deliverance’s. I am still a piece of clay in His Hands and still being molded…….but I am still a little crazy, but far more at peace with whom I am.

    All be best to you, you are a sensitive person, and I admire you and your poetry for it.

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  2. The Conductor

    Now, I’m not diagnosed with any mental issues, but I do have quite a few people who think so. It’s my ace (asexual) nature, they either think I’m being dishonest or that something’s wrong with me. But eh, who cares about them.

    And you there, you reading this, I wish you all the best. Know I’ve been praying for you and much more. You’re valid and human, just like everyone else. Love you guys 😁

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