Where do WP’ers disappear to?

It’s something that has been playing on my mind for sometime. Since I started on WP there has been a number of occasions where I’ve seen someone busily using WP and then all of a sudden they are gone.

Just like that in a blink. I guess often it could be down to personal circumstances or they just have had enough.

I think though it’s a real shame as often, if not every time, what they post is illuminating.

Is there a WP triangle or something?


  1. Tom

    I’ve noticed this too. It’s the same with writers on Instagram and Twitter… they’ll vanish in the blink of an eye. I suppose creative types are sensitive souls and all manner of things could cause them to flee. I like to enjoy a degree of anonymity in my writing online and always have the thought in the back of my mind that I’ll pull the plug in an instant if I feel like it.

    And, as Virginia says, life happens… priorities change and people like to have control over what parts of themselves they leave online. Some are happy for their work to live on digitally for years without their oversight or input and others need to know it is excised from existence. It’s always sad when someone vanishes though…

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    1. Stuart

      I suppose that is the freedom, we can all disappear whenever we want or if things get too much.

      I have admit I think I’m addicted to WP. I use other platforms but don’t find them anywhere as inclusive as here. 😊

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      1. Tom

        I wish some people would leave a forwarding address, but if they don’t care to – why should I… 🙂 We just have to hope they’ll pop back into existence again when they’re ready. And yep, WP is the best! 🙏🏼

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    1. Stuart

      I agree. Bizarrely you build up a connection just by reading others posts even if you don’t ever communicate.

      It’s sad when that is just shut off and you never know the end of the story so to speak. 😊

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  2. uzzawal1911

    Yea, as many comments point out, life happens. And usually most new blogs will not see an initial traffic, once it has been for a while and produced enough content only more people interact, maybe it is during that stage that they feel demoralised and give up.
    But yeah, the responsibilities due to the life/work, would be the prime reason people opt out.

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  3. JOY journal

    My non-book-related posting has dropped from twice weekly to about once a month because of COVID. I’ve worked at home for years, but am now doing this with my entire family at home as well. Everything has changed. I suspect this is going on in a lot of families. 🙂 Happy posting!

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    At the end of the day, this is just a hobby (unless someone is running a business via WP)…perhaps they have developed new hobbies, or just have not been able to afford the time blogging, due to work, family or socialising with friends. I would hope that anyone taking a break from blogging is just busy with more rewarding pursuits.

    But I have noticed some bloggers make an announcement to say they are taking a break, just to prevent anyone else worrying about them.

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      1. CARAMEL

        It’s true. But it’s like a town…people will move on to live elsewhere. Make the most of your neighbours while they are close. You never know when people are going to move on for various reasons. ❤

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  5. donmatthewspoetry

    Like Tom has said above in thread
    WP is the best
    Will my stuff still stand the time
    Will it stand the test?


    I will hang round,observe, and see
    I got lotsa time
    Will throw my stuff up on the screen
    Mainly genre rhyme

    Thankyou for the discovery and ‘like’ Stuart. I hope your new alien friend is settling in well….

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