Little Grey and Little White

Little Grey and Little White

Iceland is now your safe home

These two Beluga Whales

finally have a sanctuary to roam


The Sea is now yours again

after captivity for so many years

To see you safe where you belong

brings joy and heartfelt tears


  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh dear. This made me cry. At the sheer vulnerability of creatures. But then the finding a place to “be.” So many layers of meaning to this. My heart aches but is glad at the same time. A wonderful poem Stuart 😊

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    1. Stuart

      Thank you. This is a true story about the whales. . It’s all over the news in the UK. The whales haven’t been in the sea since 2011, but have moved to their new home in Iceland in the last few days. 😊

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      1. blindzanygirl

        How wonderful Stuart. Yes, I knew it was a true story. Oh how nature can break our hearts, but yet fill us with joy. It is the same with the ospreys. And so many other creatures. Now I am bawling all over again lol

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      2. Stuart

        I must admit I didn’t realise you were in Scotland! It’s amazing you never know where anyone is located on WP.

        I completely agree on the Ospreys they are truly wonderful to see! 😊


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