The Deep Dark Pit

Some of us

have been down the deep dark pit

more times than we wish to recall

Each time though

we have clawed our way out

rather than quit


The pit

which has no common name

does not define who or what we are

We are who we want to be

our destiny

is not controlled by any scar


  1. Mike Ross

    I disagree with the line-We are who we want to be. We are what we are and trying to be something or someone different leads to suffering. As someone once said: who we are has many faces but those faces are not who we are.

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    1. Stuart

      I think we have different philosophical views. I don’t accept I am just what I am. I have an element of control otherwise innately I would be a very different person to the one I am.

      Having said all that I don’t disagree with concept of suffering under Buddhism and I understand there are extremes, to being what you want to be, some realistic some not

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