The Cat On The Window Sill

Sunless silhouette not stirring 

Luminous apertures scrutinising

Elegant empennage flicking 


The cat on the window sill






      1. smarinucci1970

        They taking everything In, about their surroundings whether they’re in the house or some poor homeless little guy outside. when I bought my home 14 years ago now, there’s always been a cat on my front porch , on my back porch and they’ve been homeless most of them end up coming in. I have three now , two were from the same Litter with the same mother their mommy came here never knew me and dropped off three babies the lady next door and her husband took the mother and one of the babies a little boy I now have the two girls they study every move you make. a lot of people don’t like the cat because the cat is intelligent the cat embarrasses them the cat seems to know what they’re thinking, they know if they’re liked or not , they know who is a wise guy who’s going to hurt them they’re taking everything around theming in . I’ve had cats come here that had homes I’ve had old cats come here to die I’ve had them come here when their faces were ripped off and needed medical assistance, tires ran over their face, raccoons have gotten them some had to be put down they couldn’t survive the attack . some came here to die. mothers bring their babies here so the babies can live. it’s been like that since day one. it’s been very mysterious people have said they’ve come here to watch over me to protect me I believe so Thanks again dear ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ’–

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