Which way?

North, South, East, West 


It’s difficult to locate the path

Which will give me contentment and rest


Meandering from here to there, lost in the menagerie

Hoping my compass is true and will guide me to my destiny


My honest companion, navigate my travels to the end

The journey will be long and arduous probably more than I can contend


I have the will and strength to follow this well worn track 

The past is the past and I will not look back 


I have had troubles more than I care to recall 

By luck and love on each occasion I have just managed to avoid my downfall


I will take the journey step by step until my destination is in sight 

And then I will see the glorious blazing light


  1. Willow

    Really needed to read this…tears flowing for the right way typically isn’t of the easiest but most rewarding? …..idk….life is fleeting…be thankful ….grateful….as my world just continues to fall around me…i keep walking along..not sure of where or why….
    much love…sorry, i sometimes spring a leak…

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  2. Lucy

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. This is delicately written and so true. I am a firm believer that our path will take us down to what is right in the end based on our choices and as well as what we learn from our choices. Your poem exemplifies this belief very well; I enjoyed reading this piece as I find myself relating to it. Beautiful themes of letting go and moving on to what is right for the self. That is powerful and inspiring.

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