The Threadbare Backpack

The threadbare backpack

Straps hanging loose

Too much weight it has carried

For far too long


The urge to please

An intolerable load

The urge to care

A heavy burden


There is still some life

in the old backpack yet

More journeys to travel

More encumbrance to bear


      1. emberbear

        Hi Stuart, thinking about your poem, I remembered a wonderful meditation about laying down burdens. I think the full version might be in John Bradshaw’s wonderful book, Heal the Shame that Binds You. In a nutshell, get into a meditative, self hypnotic state, and then walk from a beautiful place in your mind to a holy place. Ask the entity that meets you there if you can lay down the heavy burden you are carrying, and you will find yourself leaving it there. Give thanks, return to your place of beauty and count yourself back into full consciousness. I did this meditation several times some years ago and it helped a lot. Thank you for reminding me of it as of course we encounter new burdens all the time. Ember💖

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  1. Lia

    Oh wow. I love this image together with the poem! The backpack looks just like the one I once travelled with (it’d belonged to my parents, before me). I still carry some of the burdens, though the backpack is long since gone… working on it though. ;)) Thanks for sharing this one. :))

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