Feelings I have

Thoughts in abundance

In person

I seem aloof




I don’t speak unless I feel something

is worthy

I am overlooked

Not seen


I prefer it that way


I am the person you never notice


  1. Judy Kim

    I know exactly what you’re saying, introverts might not say much but they’re not passively there, they observe and can see things clearly while others are constantly talking. I wish introversion was respected more in Western culture! Many think we’re aloof, timid or unintelligent but it’s not true. When I’m around people of like-mind, I tend to have deep conversations but don’t like the usual small-talk that most seem to indulge in so I stay quiet. 🙂

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    1. Stuart

      I agree, I genuinely think introverts see more and are much more insightful. Whilst I’m biased as I am introverted I would rather hear what an introvert says rather than an extrovert. 😊

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      1. cctechm777

        True……..most of my life I suffered with manic-depression, so I was very extroverted, but that was to cover up very deep insecurities and pain. However, when the dark clouds of depression over took, it was whole other story.


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