This is a follow on ramble from a comments conversation I had with Shreya yesterday.

I’ve just had another “oh” moment. I’m sure everyone has experienced them when you mention to someone that you are not feeling good or have an issue and all they can say is “oh”

You know the “oh” really means I wish you hadn’t told me that or it’s just indifference. If I’m charitable maybe they are just trying to digest the information.

I think “oh” should be banned and if someone does feel the need to say it, just say a random word instead. I think I cope with “automobile” better than “oh”

Mini brain dump/rant done! 😊


  1. mrsmariposa2014

    An excellent point! I have my frustrations on this one as well ( and some of the modern slang that sounds like baby talk…but that’s a thought for this old lady to pontificate on another day. 😏).I think the main thing is we all want to be acknowledged and we all would like to know we inspired something deeper than “oh”. 🙂

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  2. Shreya Joshi


    “Oh, yes!”
    “Oh, no!”
    “Oh, really?”
    Or simply, “Oh, so?”
    Maybe, “What do I say now?”
    Damn! You plain old “Oh.”
    Why don’t you just go?
    You don’t mean a single thing,
    Nothing important anyway.
    Something to fill the silence,
    When there is nothing to say.
    Overused every single day,
    Sometimes even before “Hey.”
    Oh, you poor little “Oh.”
    I really don’t like you.

    🙂 🙂

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