The Archeologist

With sweat on his brow

the archeologist digs

slowly methodically

moving buried twigs


He mops his neck

as the Sun beats down

His face tired

wearing a frown


Deeper still

delicately moving soil

his touches something

which he tries not to spoil


Slowly carefully

he uncovers his find

in his soul he senses

it’s importance to humankind


In wonder he gazes

at the carved box beneath

Covered in creatures

with fearsome teeth


Against his judgement

he finds the lid

It didn’t lift

but rather it slid


The lid started to move

then quick as a flash

the inquisitive archeologist

turned to ash


  1. Explore More

    So, he turned to ash because the artifact was cursed? Didn’t this actually happen to the people who found King Tut’s tomb – not that they turned to ash, but, I think several of them died pretty quickly after opening the tomb?

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