The Cup

I watch my family play

with joy and laughter

I hear the birds chant

a boon to my ears


I stand still, silent

absorbing the moment

Seeking sustenance

from the cup


  1. cctechm777

    Lovely, I have no family where I live, but what I do have in another country, well too much pain to enjoy.
    However, I enjoy what I call my cottage moments on my little garden balcony, when I am reading God’s Word, I hear the birds, the leaves on the Maple trees clapping as the wind blows through them.
    I love that moment, just as you have stated……my cup overfloweth with blessing from above.
    I can totally relate in some form……

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  2. cctechm777

    I totally hear you on that point……I have much, too much battles within my brain, but when the Lord grants me those refreshing moments of ravishing me with His Love……it gives me strength to continue on….: )

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  3. Florence Ezekafor

    This takes me through the memory lane, my childhood – when all of us family enjoyed such moments. Then there were no smart phones to glue to. We looked at each other’s faces with interest and payed attention to the nature. Such moment is rare now, almost ‘extinct’.

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