Deceptive Man

Deceptive Man

lied to himself most his life

he dared not admit

what caused him strife


Years went by

with his head in the sand

each that passed

never went as planned


He blamed himself

for all that went wrong

For just peace

he wished all along


The day came

when his world fell apart

In the depths he found his truth

hidden in his heart


From that day forward

the Deceptive Man

was true to himself

even if some may call him

a madman!


  1. smarinucci1970

    I like this Stewart it really can touch one’s heart even if you’re not the deceptive one even if you’re the recipient of the words from the deceptive one I’m the recipient of such a case and your words touch my heart because unfortunately the person that did this to me doesn’t feel any pain about it ,, goes on their merry little way finds people like themselves doesn’t play games with them ,, to see your own ways and to change makes one more of a Godly person, and aren’t we here to search for God whether it’s in a flower,, an animal’s eyes ,, a song, a verse .. I find God in your words everyday.. thank you dear. πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’‘

    Liked by 1 person

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