With My Head Bowed

With my head bowed

I visualise your beauty

As my breathing slows

I find peace and tranquillity


I try to focus



sense your love


      1. smarinucci1970

        Stuart I always feel so good when I read your work whatever it is there’s just something about it that’s so natural really no BS it just feels so natural and almost feels like I don’t know,, when I put it down I have that feeling like I just had a cup of lemon ginger green tea and maybe some really great little crackers with some kind of marmalade on it and then I reread it again this was a short one short and sweet but it meant something to me and it reminded me of my husband when I was only 16 he handed me a poem She Walks in Beauty and he wrote it in green ink I thought
        He wrote it for me.. I. was so young but of course when he caught up with me in church that evening he said no I didn’t write it for you it was already written but in a way I did write it for me ,, she Walks in Beauty and he said when your 18 will you marry me I never believed him this man was going to college who is a police officer who is a musician all over the world.. what the hell did he want with me but when he died were married 45 years .. your poem reminded me of his poem!. thank you
        Stuart , !! love you. 🥂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Stuart

        Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m so glad the poem has brought back good memories for you and I’m also so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. It sounds like though you have great memories 😊


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