Dark Blue

Sometimes you wake

you don’t feel you

Maybe overwhelmed

feeling a dark blue


The feeling though

passes with time

I’ve been there

hence this little rhyme


      1. blindzanygirl

        You too Stuart. I think we are all getting weary now, with this damned virus, and unfamiliar way of living. Plus the nights are drawing in and I hate that. Autumn colours never have done much for me, lovely though they are (though I can’t see them now of corse, but the leaves crunch lol) because I know that dreary days are just around the cor er. Yuk! Let’s try and liven up a bit lol. I’ll try some Rock Music ha ha.

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      2. blindzanygirl

        No they don’t lol. But thinking of Rock music reminded me of the new CD coming. The last CD I had of theirs had some brilliant drumming in it. I find them to be quite deep too, at times. Makes me think. 😊

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