The Mask

It breaches my Human Rights

people declare

I’m free to do as I wish

so don’t you dare


The common good

is lost to some

Masks, social distancing

are for some other chum


We all feel the pain

as we try to survive

But for our sacrifices

some person unknown

will be alive


      1. scifihammy

        It’s the law here – which may be why our death rates at least are quite low. A mask may not totally prevent infection, but you may get a lower dose of virus and therefore a milder case.
        Still, it is no fun wearing these masks now our summer temperatures have arrived!

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  1. hcmorris77

    I think people take it too far though…all alone in the car and they’re wearing a mask and gloves. What ever germs were picked up in the store are now on your gloves…in the car.
    Having asthma type allergies, I can’t wear a mask so I stay home. If I have to go out shopping, it’s only an in and out thing. I’m not risking bacterial pneumonia or pluerisy..

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