The Hermit

Dreamy solitude

Wonderful, thought provoking



For to be a thought

and word hermit

Hidden from the world, alone

Just you and words


A silent sanctuary of imagination

and prose

What a dream


    1. Stuart

      I’m exactly the same. Sometimes I envy the hermits who just went into the wilderness and lived in a cave. The modern world is too noisy. I think maybe I was born in the wrong century! 😊

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      1. wandasanderspoems

        I daydream about living in the mountains in a secluded cabin. But, knowing me I would get bored. I dunno. Medieval times look inviting to me- however if I could go back in time I’d have to live in a palace. I love indoor plumbing and electricity. I suppose I could do without it if I had to though. The 50’s looked like a good time period, but Idk.

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  1. cheriewhite

    Great poem! I think people sometimes derisively call people who are introverts hermits. But introverts take in everything around them because they take time to listen and observe instead of rattling off at the mouth. LOL

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      1. blindzanygirl

        Sometimes I feel I need people, but mainly I like to retire into my owm solitued and meditate. I keep eyeing up isolated bus shelters and phone boxes, wondering if I can make them into a hermitage. I love your new blog format by the way. So easy to find your way round, and so clear.

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      2. Stuart

        I’m very similar. I’m more than happy just being on my own, otherwise I just feel overwhelmed with noise and inputs….but I have a family so the hermitage is just a dream!

        Thank you so much on the blog format. I have gone for a simple minimalist design. 😊


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