To Be A Stream

The water

flows gently

the mood

is a torrent


The stream

is peaceful

the mind

is a storm


The ripple

is relaxing

the emotion

is overwhelming


To be a stream


  1. Kristie Konsoer

    My interpretation is different. I see what we present to others as the calm and babbling stream. What lies beneath the surface may be a different world of undercurrents and unseen emotion. Wonderful contrasting imagery.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cctechm777

    Stuart……I hear you…….
    Sometimes in an emotional, mental torment, the quiet of the babbling brook, can give no rest to the soul…….
    Wonderfully expressed.
    Thank you!
    Oh by the way, thanks for liking my new posting……
    Have a blessed week!

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