Our Auspicious Friend

Auspicious friend

You bring us grace

You show us beauty


Witnessing your iridescent blue

our heart flew

Observing your wondrous green

we feel serene


Our auspicious friend

with you

we have all

The Ember

The whirlpool swirled around me

I was lifted higher and higher

My soul awoke

with a tremor


After decades of slumber

barely seen ember

burst into flame


The long sleep

was finally over

Dragon Dreams

When the dragon approaches

do we cower in fear

Or gaze in marvel

and shed a tear


I don’t see the dragon

as being our foe

but rather magic

they can bestow


A lucky omen

I see them to be

For they are a threat

to no degree


If you dream of a dragon

take it as a boon

The mind’s equivalent

of an auspicious rune


Hence if you behold a dragon

witness it with veneration

as you never know

it may be your salvation

Plane of Dreams

With a yawn

darkness closes in on me

The world of consciousness is left

I visit the plane of dreams


On my travels

I see much

I hear much


Whether I take heed

of the wisdom conveyed

another matter

But messages there are


For the plane of dreams tells us

much we need to know


If we dare to carefully listen


With a smile and a whoosh

She races down the road

My hands are over my eyes

I have a terrible forebode


My daughter has a new craze

skateboarding you see

With the fearlessness of youth

she heads off again with glee


I can’t bear to watch

her flying this way and that

I think I need to get her

a shiny crash hat

The Dashing Rabbit

With a skip, a jump and a hop

the rabbit dashes and flies

over field and under hedge

Surveying with her wide eyes


The brown and white blur

hightails back to her abode

She doesn’t stop to pause

as she scurries across the road


With a leap and a dive

she plows into her home

For now she is safe

tomorrow she will roam